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Thread: New Backstage: 347

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    New Backstage: 347

    New Backstage: 347

    Keilyn Solo 2

    Toby: What a massive day! A huge drive and then a huge very exhausting, but great shoot of Keilyn. It was SO cold, we were right down the bottom of Victoria and the wind was coming right up from the antarctic, even this wasn't enough to put Keilyn off today. Other than literally being blown over from the wind, we had a smooth quick shoot!

    Lee: Not once did Keilyn complain today. We had her in the freezing wind, we had her running in scratchy long grass, we had to climb through electric fences but she fought through like a little trooper! I'm so impressed with her and really happy with the beautifully picturesque background.

    Blaire & Fae GGT3

    Toby: These two were lovely today, Both these models are better known for their raucous behaviour rather than being sensual, but today they really took it to the next level. Lots of slow intimate play, and some great angles. The light was lovely too, courtesy of some flashy new HMI's.

    Amber: Our awesome lights made a bright and warm environment to bring out the sensual love making between these two love birds today.
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    Especially cool that this shoot took place in Toby's bedroom!

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    YAY... Keilyn... Blaire bear... Toby and Fae....

    Was that really in Toby's bedroom??? Do I have to watch the before and after shoots again....

    WOW! This is a great backstage set with some classic shoots! Starting down in windy Victoria, South Australia the beautiful dark-haired Keilyn shows off her natural side in her second solo shoot, as she runs through the hills throwing her clothes off. Its simply stunning.

    Then we match the beauty of the solo with the passion of Blaire and Fae's full paced and action packed girl-girl.
    Adam... or someone... Can you explain the underlined bit a little confused... or are you meaning South Australia as in the south of Australia, not the State South Australia???

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