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Thread: New IM: Marleen S

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    New IM: Marleen S

    New IM: Marleen S
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    Great to see Marleen back for an IM.... and a wonderful IM it was... Nice little commentary from Marleen and great camera angle (clip 2) think this may be the prefect angle for IM's and great to see Marleens "super fast" fingers at work... she could compete with many a vibrator... haha.

    Marleen.... we will have to get you back again to show your "morning quicky" masturbation routine... see if or what difference in style/time and intensity of the orgasm there is.

    So this great shoot has now been discussed as requested by Ms. Marleen... fingers crossed we see her back on the boards to join in on the conversation... she is missed.


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    I really loved to shoot with this girl

    (Wow, and I love her pants too hahahah)

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