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Thread: New After Dark Solo: Mercedes

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    New After Dark Solo: Mercedes

    New After Dark Solo: Mercedes
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    Could be awsome, but to angry in photos and not enough videos.

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    Oh, no Mercedes cut off her beautiful brunette hair. Although, I must say she does look great with that shorter hair cut and blonde. Goodness, she is a gorgeous young woman!

    With this picture, I'm seduced by her eyes.
    This AfterDark was shot by the great Jacki.

    Newbies should check out Mercedes two lovely, outdoor, solo shoots she did previously in Australia.

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    I love this shoot!!!!
    Its very different for AW but its unique and super sexy; I would love to see more shoots done in this style!
    My favourite photos from this shoot were 161 and the last photo where you can see her lovely smile
    Mercedes should be incredibly proud of this amazing shoot

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