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Thread: New Backstage: 352

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    New Backstage: 352

    New Backstage: 352
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    Romana Solo

    Charli: We had a sexy shoot with exotic dark passionate Romana. Her incredible confidence and ability to move in front of the camera made a great shoot.

    Tracey: Oh, Italian beauties! Amoré! Romana with her beautiful mediterranean body and pure Roman sexiness teased us today with Latin verve. Sue-ann really enjoyed her company and got a kiss or two to boot!

    Blaire & Cleo GGT3

    Today we tried something different with two of our favorite models, Blaire and Cleo, and went for a quiet, dark and sultry feel. The girls did a great job and the video will be smashing!

    Patience: I am exhausted! Cleo and Blaire really tired me out today, in a good way of course. Another shoot where I had trouble holding the camera steading because of the hotness.

    Jacki: We went for a moodier look today with lighting, which meant our models had to bring down the mood also into something a little more sultry. Blaire and Cleo were up for the challenge and outside of a few giggle spots, they did really well.

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    ohhh yes..... Blaire Bear and Cleo.... Just watched the "backstage" video (as it was known then) on this one, again, just recently.... Some funny and and nervous chat with the girls...

    Will post some links to both girls threads once it's release so you get the full extent of the flirting between the girls and the anticipation here on the boards for the shoot to happen....

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    thanks pinky, cleo in paticular has an enormous thread, it would be hard to find the posts that lead up to this shoot

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