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Amy J & Becky T IM

Patience: Becky T and Amy J are two models I haven't seen for a while so it was nice to catch up (they are both so fun to work with) I didn't get to see the end product, I left Charli and Jacki in charge of video, but when I left I had a feeling they would get down to business. Thanks Charli and Jacki for jumping the fence (if only for half a day)!

Charli: Becky T and Amy J hit it off like a house on fire for their double IM today. they were so hot they came multiple times. Awesome to see these 2 lovely ladies again here at aw.

Marika Solo

Toby: I'm totally over the HMI's. I know I have said this before but they are certainly better for video. Marika's beautiful black skin was tricky to light today, it would have been much easier if I had my flash heads. Marika was wonderful, so pretty and clever. Expect to see more of her soon!

Lee: Wow! I dont think I have ever met someone as amazing as Marika! She's so beautiful, so chilled and just so awesome with amazing and explosive orgasm's!

Sue-ann: Yay! Someone like me...willing to go dildo-driving on their first time! Marika orgasmed and squirted all over the couch!... a bit of explaining was needed with the home owner but I consider these things all part of life: good vibes when you're watching telly too!

Christen Solo

Patience: Without a doubt this was the sexiest shoot I have ever done! Christen is a polite young lady, Charli and I were gobsmacked after we finished our shoots at the sheer hotness of this girl. Thats all I can say, I'm still lost for words!

Charli: Christen is so smoking hot I can hardly believe it. I shot her second solo today and she was amazing. So gorgeous and completely cool to boot! Thanks for an incredible day Christen

Dana B Solo 2

Jacki: What a sassy minx Dana was. She had all the moves and knew exactly how to make her body look amazing! It was so relaxing frolicking amongst the grasses in the sun.

Sue-ann: Dana is a stunner...all day she talked into my and Louise K's (shot on same day at the farm) boobs! I thought thought "yeah I know they're interesting but I've never received so much attention before!" Was fun..I asked and she explained it's just a habit... Love her!

Lee: I think Dana B has a lot more shoot's in her and I truely hope she returns to entertain us on set again! Her playful action with Sue-Ann in the sunshine was a glorius sight to behold.

Louise K Solo

Jacki: Loise was a little quiet at first but once the camera started clicking away she really started to relax into the swing of things. Being outside in the country made it such a serene, relaxing day.

Sue-ann: Louise tried to teach me cartwheels! Lol..was funny from my end..I suck at cartwheels...

Lee: Louise K has a fantastic personality for a quiet one! Underneath her wonderful body lies a blossoming lady, just waiting to flower.

Patty Solo 2

Finally met Patty! She talks non-stop but it's all good! The whole shoot team was entertained by her never-ending stories. Love Aussie girls.

Amber: Patty is very confident about her lovely body and her sexuality in general. She shared both with us today and Sue Ann especially enjoyed her grinding Lambada dance.

Jacki: Amber was full of confidence and soooo excited to be down from Sydney and shooting with us again. She looked right at home in green gumboots frolicking about beside a gorgeous dam in the country.