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Thread: Lesbian Sex: Lulu & Rosa M

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    Lesbian Sex: Lulu & Rosa M

    Lesbian Sex: Lulu & Rosa M
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    It's just so sweet that these two have been friends for years and have had sex before! They both have a cute, lusty sparkle in their eyes as they play, already knowing their friend's wants and needs. Lulu in particular has the most adorable smile throughout. Their gorgeous naked bodies, especially their pretty breasts, glow in the summer sun as they pleasure each other. Thanks for inviting us to watch, ladies!

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    Great Shoot

    HI LULU- Rosa

    Just checked out Your Videos Girls. Awesome. Great energy. The flow was real nice and Linear. Great eye contact. You could feel the passion.

    Sincerely s404
    Best Wishes and Good Business

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    Another beautiful outdoor girl/girl shoot. AW sure has spoiled us with all these girl/girl shoots out in nature.
    Sexy Lulu's a fantastic kisser! To see her use her long tongue to lick from Rosa's nipple to her underarm was a big turn!
    Rosa is always a joy to see with her big smile and her big tetas. What a hot young lady!
    Great shoot by Lulu and Rosa and the AW gang.

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    Thank you everyone! I'm very glad you like it!
    This shoot is very special for me since Rosa is such a special person in my life. It was great fun and just so easy! Like time flied without us even noticing. It felt so right and natural and it was great sharing this experience with her. I mean it's also great to meet awesome sexy girls in AW and I always enjoy that, but this one was different and I'm excited about it.
    Thank you Rosa, I you so much!!!

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    It warms me up reading these comments. Thank you guys! Having sex with Lulu, was so sexy and intimate because we're so close. I'm happy that we got to share this moment

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