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Thread: Classy, elegant Jette

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    Classy, elegant Jette

    Classy, elegant Jette
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    AW's most talented drummer is back in a fantastic new AD shoot! Awesome!!

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    Is it just me or is this AD shoot more than a disturbing.
    The whole video had a "back street prostitute" feel to it or even worse "witnessing a sexual assault" feel about it.
    I'm a huge Jette fan and this was the first of her video's that I couldn't watch all the way through, it made me feel uncomfortable.
    She looked so unhappy or angry all the way through it. I know that was the intention and artistic licence of this whole AD series but not for me.

    I need to go back and quickly watch another Jette shoot to cleanse my mind of what I just saw and bring back the memory of the happy fun drummer girl that is one of my fav AW models.

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    The story of the shoot is bad and the video is too dark to correctly see Jette.
    It's sad to see Jette for the last time in a video like this.

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