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Thread: Lesbian Sex: Dannah & Thais

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    Lesbian Sex: Dannah & Thais

    Lesbian Sex: Dannah & Thais
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    Dannah and Thais were great in this shoot. They showed us some beautiful positions.
    I hope that we will see them many more times.

    This video was very good. It was well filmed with many good points of view.

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    We've seen lots of pretty girls have incredibly intense orgasms on AW, but Thais' has to go near the top of the list. Her entire cute, petite frame tenses up as her climax approaches, then washes over her with exquisite moans and tears of joy, thanks to Dannah's insistent fingers and tongue. Just awe-inspiring. Very sweet buildup to the orgasm as well, with Dannah bound and determined to give her as much pleasure as possible with deeply passionate pussy-licking. I loved when Thais managed to get Dannah's panties off with her feet while being eaten out: "I can do many things you don't know with the foot...and with the mouth," she says with a giggle. "So can I...I hope," Dannah says before burying her cute face back in Thais' pretty pussy, setting her sights on making her cum. The girls do some great tribbing before Dannah is licked until she cums standing up, and our sweet introduction to these adorable girls draws to a close, hopefully serving as a prelude to many more visits in the future.
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    I am especially drawn to the Brunette's personality. I hope we see both regularly.

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    The brunette cutie, Dannah, has an extremely lovely pair of breasts, and great personality.
    The little redhead Thais is perfect and a real sweetheart!
    Excellent girl-girl shoot.

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    Been very much looking forward to this (infact upgraded my subs so I could see it). Wonderful pairing... great Girl/Girl shoot and everything I could have hoped for from Thais first venture at Abbyland. Dannah was the prefect partner and sure to be added to my fav list, if we get to see more of her.


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