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Thread: Varying Selection of Models

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    Varying Selection of Models

    Most of the of the models are beautiful young ladies....and I commend you on your selection! However, would you consider a few middle aged women?....and also women who do not look like models out of a VS catalogue....i.e., average looking, or even not so good looking.....but still have awesome bodies!!
    Please let me know what you think??

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    There are a few models in their 30s and 40s on the site I think. I had an amazing scene with a girl who looked my age but turned out to be in her 30s, she was very experienced
    I think Abby Winters has always had a youthful yet natural energy, and this has made it popular. If Abby found older and older models who had this colourful, amateur, youthful energy, I'd like to see the results!

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