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Thread: Video masturbation: Cornelia

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    Video masturbation: Cornelia

    Video masturbation: Cornelia
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    Wow, this is the most awesome IM i've seen in a long time. They say red heads know how to have more fun; well Cornellia is proof. I fancied her looks when she first appeared (not that im planning on meeting her or anything). Red hair, furry bush, no tattoo's, killer bod, pretty, pretty girl. Heady stuff. Combined with fingers that seem well practiced in this art, she bangs out a poeticaly beautiful wank. I love the way she winks repeatedly, maintaining that awesome open pose, as above, throughout. Also, some sexy sounds and sexy expressions on her beautiful face. A Blissful 21mins, 18 seconds from start to finish that leaves no doubt shes had an intense orgasm.

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    I agree. An excellent IM video. She really seemed to put her all into the experience. Into her pleasure. Fearless and unbridled. And, the HD quality reveals fascinating expressiveness through the entirety of her physical being. I felt privileged to watch it.

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