I've been looking back at solo vids when I first started watching AW (around 2009-10) and I've noticed there was far more close ups of faces and looking and acknowledging the camera, something you rarely, if at all, you see today. This is a great shame because for me at least it's a huge turn-on. I loved how for instance the camera close to the body (standing in for your eyes and fingers) travels up a girl masturbating, from pubes to breasts, ending in a sexy smile or lusty look-so erotic. A good example is this shot of Rachel S and their are many like it back then: https://www.abbywinters.com/nude_girls/rachel_s_4

I'm still a huge fan of AW, from the girls to the superb picture quality and natural style, but I wonder why this way of shooting has dropped out of favour (obviously with the G/G and IM it's a different story) I'd love to see this style brought back again, it would make this long-term member (seven years) very happy (and horny!)