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    Girl Comparison Talk

    Hi All,

    I'm new here and have seen there are plenty of tags in use, which is great as it really helps in locating content by type. It's a great site here at abby winters.

    I was wondering if there are any videos that can be recommended with videos of girl/girls comparing vagina's, breasts, sex etc I am mainly wanting to find videos where girls compare tightness, wetness, look, sex. I don't know if there are any but id love to see.

    I noticed a preview clip where a girl mentions to another girl about how tight she is in comparison to her?

    Any idea's?


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    I find this to be really sexy as well and I'm sure there are lots of shoots where it happens, but here are a few that came to mind. (I describe the conversations in a little more detail in the reviews I wrote about each of these shoots on the boards.) Bobbie and Jada are delighted to discover that they have basically the same breasts and vagina in their beautiful masturbation video together. Jada has a similar conversation with Maia during the after video for their amazing girl-girl (Jada is enchanted by tiny and cute Maia's pussy is!). And Maely and Salma do the same in the after interview for their girl-girl, after Salma mentions that Maely's pussy is "super-pretty" and looks just like her own. Both of those girl-girl interviews are conducted by our beloved shooter/model Masie, who always sounds thrilled to admire these intimate side-by-side comparisons.

    Hope this is what you're looking for. Have a great time exploring the wonders of Abbyland!

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    I get aroused by this too. A good source for comparison conversations, looking and touching is the wonderful collection of Double Intimate Moments here at AW. A few come to mind immediately - Jilly and Gabrielle, Carmen M and Delilah, Gloria and Tallulah, Gia and Lucie, Kara D and Mia H, Klaudia and Susie, Marigold and Chloe B, Mim and Liandra, Tarah and Shannen, Annabelle Lee and Katherine F. There are instances in the Nude Girls section, too like The Nude Girls 'Best Friends Naked' that Satine did with Masie. And that's only a few samples before you even start to explore the wealth of girl/girl shoots!

    Have fun.

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