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Thread: Good ass photos becoming rare

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    Good ass photos becoming rare

    Most adult sites are obsessed with frontal shots, it is a rare photographer who makes proper photos of a girl's ass. Abbywinters used to be different, but it has become a disappointment.
    Just make the girl turn around standing and take some shots. Not bend-over shots, not silly angles, just a plain shot from behind. Please!

    The videos are better in this regard, but there are quite a few that are frontal only.

    Otherwise I love the site, so keep it up.

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    These kinds of shots are becoming rare, and not just of the model's backsides. I've probably groused about this far too much but in a lot of recent shoots far too many shots are explicit poses focused on the model's crotch. I would still love to see more soft posing.

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    I have noticed too that rearview shots of models,in solo,girl-girl and girl-boy categories, are getting rarer.I agree with bvarhegyi and trebor and I don't think one or two pictures from two or three hundred,which most shoots seem to have,is asking too much.

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    There are some good ones of Sondriine - this one is a favourite of mine as she is looking at me in the mirror...

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    When a model comes to abbywinters to work with us we ask her what levels she feels comfortable with and what posing level she wants to do.

    It happens that right now we have a lot of models who are selecting to do some of our more explicit level shoots - where there is emphasis on her crotch. These things tend to move in waves so it is likely that the next round of models will want to try different levels - the ones that are based around closed leg nudity.

    I love the picture of Sondrine and will send a reminder to our shooters that our models are lovely from all sides.

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    Quote Originally Posted by masie View Post
    ... so it is likely that the next round of models will want to try different levels - the ones that are based around closed leg nudity...
    Looking foreward to these shoots.
    Love Sabrina

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