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Thread: More Feet?/Girl-Girl ideas

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    More Feet?/Girl-Girl ideas

    Everything Abbywinters produces is great, and I like the effort put in to make it easy to find all kinds of fetishes. For for me some of the most interesting are the group fun videos because they're so unique yet enjoyable to watch and appreciate the models' beauty. I'd love to see this combined with a fetish that I think this site is a bit lacking in: feet. I hope this doesn't read like a list of demands, this is just things I think would be cool.

    My dream video for this would be a large group of girls, at first barefoot, later naked. It might start with some kind of game on grass, with lots of foot closeups. Then closeups of their feet all together - in a line or sitting in a circle. Shots from underneath their soles, rubbing/sniffing each others and so on. Just whatever works best for a foot focused group girl video.

    Apart from that, a few other random ideas might be:

    • A group of models adopt various poses (standing in a line, lying down, bodies intertwined, etc) while the camera pans and looks all around from different angles and distances. By the final shot, they may be making out/masturbating. Essentially videos focusing purely on the female form.
    • More Orgasm Race videos - a super hot original video that in my opinion ought to be a regular series. Perhaps with slight variations on the rules each episode - e.g. on sybians, or while lying in a row instead of seperate, or by using remote vibrators in some form of quiz/game, the loser being vibrated closer to orgasm with each wrong answer / lost point.
    • In fact, that deserves its own bullet point. A video where a few girls play some form of game... Something like jenga or a board game, or perhaps some multiplayer competitive tablet game. Each lost round of jenga would increase the vibration by a small amount until one girl cums, with it of course getting harder the more vibration. Or each point scored in a game would give the opponent a pulse of vibration, interrupting concentration.
    • Anyway, apart from these really specific ideas, it would be cool to see more large (>4) mutual masturbation / group sex videos. 3 girls is hot, 4 is hotter, and each additional girl only make it even more so.
    • And lastly more group girl videos in general. Building sandcastles, playing football, gardening, swimming, bathing/showering, playing rock paper scissors, basically any activity it would be fun to see a group of girls do naked or with a strip-forfeit component.

    These are just a few things I'd like to see. I know they're not likely to get made, but I'm posting them just because they definitely won't otherwise and well, you never know,they might be popular. Thanks for reading.

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    Hey AlN345, Thanks for your detailed ideas, I make sure the team all reads this and we will include what we can

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    that would be a great "feet"ure Masie! thanks!

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