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Thread: Lesbian Sex: Mara & Yasmeena

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    Lesbian Sex: Mara & Yasmeena

    Lesbian Sex: Mara & Yasmeena
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    Wow Yasmeena, you've had a busy few weeks with a third g/g scene "coming out" (sorry) this Saturday, hope your not too tired.

    glad to see you made use of the furniture (as seen in the video preview).

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    Indeed, our delightful Yasmeena has been very busy lately, with four epic girl-girl experiences (including her guest direction adventure with Hania, which I haven't yet had time to enjoy!) going live in just the last month! I know they were shot over a longer time, but Yasmeena's frequent appearances must reflect two indisputable facts: she absolutely loves the site and all the opportunities it affords her to meet and have sex with gorgeous ladies, and everyone in Abbyland adores her just as much and can't get enough of the charming personality and sexy intensity she brings to every shoot. Of course, that includes Mara, her sweetly pretty partner in this week's adventure: they positively glow together and look ever so happy to be playing in every second of the shoot.

    It's such a joy to see elegant, soft-spoken, yet very passionate Mara in a new girl-girl, a year after her steamy shoot with Willa. In both shoots, sweet Mara seems very happy to let a more dominant partner take the lead, and Yasmeena delights in directing Mara into creative positions, asking for reassurances about how she likes to be touched and licked, and happily watching Mara's face as it is overwhelmed with bliss. Mara gives just as good as she gets, of course, and is such a caring and generous lover, pushing Yasmeena to the heights of pleasure while ravishing her with deep, loving kisses on both her mouth and perfect breasts.

    Mara gets pleasured first, relaxing in the pillows to indulge completely in Yasmeena's skilled fingers while keeping her legs sweetly open, reminding us of Willa's memorable appraisal of her favorite part of their shoot together: "Mara has, like, the perfect pussy!" Yasmeena certain seems to agree, exclaiming "it's so beautiful!" as she happily strokes. Later, Mara tries tribbing for the first time and the electric moment their pussies touch is beautiful: "Oh fuck!" Mara moans. "That's exactly what it is!" Yasmeena replies with a grin.

    The girls share orgasms in so many beautiful positions I can't describe them all, but keep your eyes out for some very special moments: Yasmeena perched on the dresser with her legs open and Mara's fingers plunged deep inside; a luxurious 69 where the girls shift positions at the end to look deep into each other's eyes as they cum, and Mara sitting on Yasmeena's face, grinding her hips against her friend's mouth as Yasmeena's looks up through her pretty glasses to happily watch the pleasure flooding Mara's face. A lovable after video where the girls cuddle while sweet shooters Misha and Zoey gush about how pretty they are and how great their orgasms looked is icing on the cake of a beautiful day. Thanks so much ladies!

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    so fucking amazing!

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    This was fantastic! More Mara please (and more Yasmeena)! More exclamation points!!!

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    I felt like I waited forever for this shoot, but it was worth it. Two incredibly sexy women here.

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