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Thread: Fetish Page Suggestions

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    Just finished another fetish - enjoy facesitting!

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    Ooh, great work! Facesitting really lends itself to a variety of hot camera angles highlighting the giver, the receiver, closeups, mid-range, etc. It all looks great. I love that you got Monty Python (and yourself!) in there, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by renae_d View Post
    OMG I love this. I think it will have to wait for when we can do a compilation of clips. Can you imagine, a montage of crazy loud orgasms?!? That would be so amazing!
    Chloe B would def. be on that list (esp. the solo on the poor garden chair, hehe), as would prolly Immie and who was the girl from many years who came all a tremble? Armine ? Should be a lot of fun watching all the vids just to select for such a list, hard work too... heh..

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