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Thread: Video masturbation: Emma B & Jenna R

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    Video masturbation: Emma B & Jenna R

    Video masturbation: Emma B & Jenna R
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    This is absolutely one of the sweetest DIMs ever! Emma and Jenna are both so extraordinarily pretty and they seem to have completely clicked and become friends early in the shoot, as they discuss their shared love of musicals. They both look enchanted with each other as they undress, exchange compliments about their pubic hair, cuddle each other's boobs, and beam with bright, sparkling smiles. The masturbation is so hot as they clearly get so turned on watching each other, Jenna with her legs open and Emma with one foot straight in front. After beautiful orgasms in quick succession, the girls relax by gently holding hands, feeling each other's racing heartbeats, and finally curling up with their arms around each other and their heads resting together. Seeing such beautiful women so content and happy to be sharing such a special moment of connection is just breathtakingly lovely. Thanks so much, Emma and Jenna!

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