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Thread: Video masturbation: Anais V & Luciana

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    Video masturbation: Anais V & Luciana

    Video masturbation: Anais V & Luciana
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    Luciana and Anais are quickly becoming AW favorites with their sweet personalities, gorgeous bodies and love of being sexy on camera. I love Luciana's bright, mischievous smile, her magical curves and her favorite word for touching herself, which one often doesn't hear girls use, but is very cute: "I like to be watched when I jerk off!" Lucky for her, she has a vast audience this time around, including Anais cuddled up masturbating next to her, thighs crossed together and their heads resting on each other's shoulders, as well as all of us fans at home, whom Luciana acknowledges with some deep, sensual looks at the camera with her fingers deep in her pussy. Pretty Anais looks delighted by Luciana's sultry energy, and Luciana's orgasm announcement pushes Anais over the edge as they climax together. In the afterglow, the girls have this adorable conversation as they revel in how the joy of orgasm makes one forget everything but pleasure: "It's like the only real vacation, when you cum!" Luciana says. "I even forgot that it was so hot outside," Anais says. "We can change the weather with our pussy!" Luciana replies, as they dissolve into sweet giggles. Thanks for sharing this great vacation with us, girls!

    One minor thing: the link to the handwritten bios is broken for this one. I'd love to see what they wrote about the experience!

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