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Thread: Lesbian Sex: Livia V & Madelaine

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    Lesbian Sex: Livia V & Madelaine

    Lesbian Sex: Livia V & Madelaine
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    During her recent playdate, lovable Madelaine was bubbling over with joy as she talked about how much she loved doing this shoot with Livia, and the girls indeed have a beautiful connection that makes their encounter sweet, playful and incredibly hot. Livia's beautiful flowing dark curls contrast in such a lovely way with Madelaine's snowy blond locks and their smiles and giggles as they kiss and undress are so captivating. It soon becomes clear that they both absolutely adore giving their partner pleasure, creating a beautiful give-and-take as one girl is pushed to the limits of ecstasy, and then absolutely cannot wait to return the favor, and the sex just gets hotter and hotter as the shoot progresses.

    Livia's shorts are decorated with bananas and Madelaine's panties have pictures of watermelons, which is perfectly apt, since both girls repeatedly exclaim how delicious their partner tastes. Mouthwatering closeups of the oral sex get us as close as possible to indulging with the girls: and I love how Madelaine delights in sucking Livia's long, beautiful labia while Livia's lavishes Madelaine pretty pink labia with attention from her tongue. The orgasms they share are simply epic, including one Livia has standing up astride Madelaine's eager mouth: the moment her legs give out as flushes red and cums is breathtaking, particularly how happy it makes Madelaine: "You are so ridiculously hot, it's unreal!" Soon after, the girls indulge in some spiriting tribbing, pushing Madelaine to a gorgeous orgasm as she struggles to decide whether to whether to kiss Livia, who is beaming at her with sparkling eyes, or just let the pleasure wash over her. The girls share one kiss while Madelaine is cumming, and lots more as they cuddle in the afterglow: "The wonders of tribbing!" Livia tells giggling Madelaine, who had just learned that term before the cameras rolled.

    The girls wrap things up with Madelaine getting deep, perfect fingering from Livia to a beautiful climax and Livia receiving marvelously skilled oral from Madelaine ("Please continue! Please, please, please, please!" Livia moans in pure bliss). For both orgasms, the camera is nestled close, only about an inch away from the action and the girls' flushed faces, and it's just the perfect view to join in their pleasure. The steamy sex clearly heated up gifted shooter Giulia, who exclaims in the after video that she wishes she was wearing a bikini. "I wish you were wearing a bikini, too!" Madelaine says with a big laugh, as Livia enthusiastically nods in agreement. The attention seems to get Giulia a bit flustered, seeing how she prefers to be behind the camera and we've only ever gotten fleeting glimpses of her (which we totally respect, of course!), but it so sweet to see the models and their shooter having fun together. Thanks everyone!

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    I don't think I could have described the shoot any better myself! I had such a great time during it so I'm so glad everyone else enjoys it too

    Madelaine xx

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