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Thread: Back at the gym!

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    Back at the gym!

    Hey everyone!

    I've just started going back to the gym and joining a few dance classes to try and build up my strength and generally be a bit healthier all round.
    I would love to know what all of your favourite fitness activities are? What are your preferred ways of keeping fit? Gym and dance like me or something totally different?

    Here's a pic of what I wear to my pole fitness classes, which I am getting ready for today!

    Madelaine xx
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    Hi Madeline,

    sounds good. if i have time, i do only boring cardio sports. since when have you pink hair?
    i'm looking forwards to your next playdate next wednesday
    have a nice day.

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    hair matches the pants!

    At gym I usually do some weights, stuff you can't do outdoors by yourself basically. Once it gets a bit warmer I can go back to riding or running outdoors, bit cold at the moment

    Oh, Jess G also does pole-dancing.. she posted pics here:

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    Yoga is my thing.

    Right now I'm doing this 28 days of yoga, and it's kicking my ass.

    I also like doing the 30 day yoga challenge with yoga with adrienne.
    But her's are a lot more chill.

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