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Thread: Video masturbation: Layla K & Luciana

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    Video masturbation: Layla K & Luciana

    Video masturbation: Layla K & Luciana
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    Our two sexy South American stars make a perfect combination in this delightfully sweet shoot. Argentinian Luciana and Venezuelan Layla bond over their love of Latin dance and admire each other's beautiful bodies with gentle cuddles and kisses. Layla reveals that she loves to be watched when she masturbates and Luciana tells her she loves seeing girls playing with toys. Layla replies, "I've got a little surprise for you...actually, it's not so little!" and pulls out her impressive magic wand, making Luciana's jaw drop. The girls try it out on their backs and breasts, making them shiver with delight, before getting down to business. Layla strips off her Superman panties, asking "Do you think I have a Supervagina?" and Luciana eagerly agrees, then makes sure Layla gets the best view of her own perfect pussy as they begin to stroke. The powerful vibrations make Layla's labia shake, thrilling Luciana, who has a lovely orgasm, inspiring wide-eyed Layla to follow soon after.

    "I think I have a new friend!" Layla writes in her note, and the girls definitely seemed to have a wonderful connection. I'd make this shoot a candidate for a girl-girl reunion some day: both girls are so passionate with their partners and I'm sure they'd have a great time taking things further after meeting and sharing introductory orgasms in this shoot...

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