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Thread: Video masturbation: Daniela D & Zane

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    Video masturbation: Daniela D & Zane

    Video masturbation: Daniela D & Zane
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    This is a great pairing of two beautiful 2018 AW newcomers! Zane and Daniela are a study in contrasts: Zane's scarlet locks, pale skin and perfect shave alongside Daniela, our cute, tanned brunette "hairy monster," as she describes herself. Zane is fascinated by the natural look and confesses that Daniela is the first model she's met with pubic hair in her four years of nude modeling (!). Their pussies look so pretty side by side and admiring Daniela certainly seems to make Zane excited, as she masturbates to an intense climax. Zane has touched herself in all her solos before this, but I don't think she's reached orgasm until now (I'm pretty sure I'd remember those lovely shuddering moans of hers), and it's beautiful to watch. Maybe this will inspire her to spend more time with pretty Abby girls and their hair. Daniela looks gorgeous when she cums as well, and both girls seem very satisfied after. "That was great!" Zane sighs, and it takes a bit for Daniela to catch her breath and respond: "Yeah, I agree!"

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