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Thread: Evolutionary Psychology and Sex Robots

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    Evolutionary Psychology and Sex Robots

    So I was going to post this on my own thread because I'm always saying that I can't listen to podcasts. BUT I listened to this whole podcast (over an hour) without any problem at all. Go me! The title is Evolutionary Psychology and Sex Robots, and the guest speaker, Diana, was my TA in college, actually! Anyway, decided why not see if I stir up any controversy in the discussion boards at large with this one:

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    I haven't had a chance to listen to this podcast but I did listen to a program last week about a book on some of the issues facing humanity during the 21st century. The program gets into an interesting discussion about artificial intelligence. One of the parts I found most interesting was the discussion about how often the dangers of artificial intelligence get talked about in a science fiction scenario of A.I. gaining sentience and turning against humanity, while in reality the real danger may be in a small group of humans having access to tremendous power over others through A.I.

    The author is a little pedantic at times and I'm not sure I agree with all of his ideas, however it's an interesting discussion if you want to give it a listen.

    That is neat that Diana was your T.A. in college. She sounds like an interesting person.

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    MYYY, I have felt from time to time when I was younger that I was dealing with very agresive guys in what concerns sex ( i was listening a bit of the podcast earlier).
    The thing was: whenever I heard or felt that my partners would want to come and I wasn't ready, I would give up and let them do thier thing, but next time we would meet I would have a flah of disgust picturing that we would repeat that again.

    At the begining, I was accepting it, then I started to avoid them, apthough we would have nice conversations and be on the same page about the future....Recently, I found out that I am enjoying more onto chasing my partner, I feel more pleasure when I initiate, when I am flirting and looking up to convince him to have sex.
    It is interesting to think about what is romantic for women vs romance for men and how do we react as human on unfullfiled desire.

    Also Renae, I think it cool to see how Diana evolved knowing her from the college times. Personally, I think you are challenging people on here to think more,also cool!

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