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Thread: Lesbian Sex: Sienna G & Zina B

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    Lesbian Sex: Sienna G & Zina B

    Lesbian Sex: Sienna G & Zina B
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    I love how she is holding her plait, the ultimate riding tool

    I love how they both have dark hair contrasting against their white skin, it's very beautiful!

    And what fantastic pubic hair! Good work ladies ^_^

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    It's so nice to welcome two new faces to AW girl-girl club! As Casey astutely notes above, Zina and Sienna have beautifully complementary looks with their dark hair, pale skin and gorgeous figures. Just from the early photos of the two of them fully dressed playing Harry Potter trivia, there's a clear sense that they're going to get along very well. That is thrillingly confirmed when they undress and their chemistry lights up the room with sexy neck kisses, earlobe nibbles and nipple sucking that leads into exquisitely passionate sex.

    The girls explore each other's beautiful bodies in some steamy tribbing and a lovely 69 that get them extremely excited, before Sienna takes command to lay Zina down on the couch and give her the first orgasm. She was evidently listening very closely to Zina in the before interview and gives her the unique combination of sensations she said she needed to climax: three fingers deep inside massaging the G-spot, with the other hand in a fist pushing down on her stomach. Zina adds to her own pleasure by stroking her clit as her pretty face, breasts and elegantly long neck glow pink with arousal. Just before she cums, she moans to Sienna, "Look at me!" and Sienna's sultry eye contact hits Zina like a lightning bolt, sending her writhing and shaking in blissful orgasmic release. "That was really hot!" Zina whispers after they celebrate her climax with a kiss. "I thought so," Sienna replies, sucking Zina's nipple.

    After taking a break to fix Zina's gorgeous long hair, it's Sienna's turn to cum and oh my goodness, it's so intense. Zina sits next to Sienna, using one hand to restrain Sienna's arms and the other to expertly caresses her pussy, her face inches away from Sienna's to watch her pleasure build. Sienna's super-hot moans make her whole face flush a bright shade of red until she veritably explodes with euphoria. After one big wave of pleasure, she still needs much more and urgently whimpers, "just keep doing that!" Zina obliges with a bright smile, as Sienna opens her eyes to look and her new friend, then tumbles headlong into bliss once more, with Zina sweetly kissing her while she's still cumming. It's just breathtaking, and then Zina gives Sienna two more equally intense orgasms that leave her collapsed with pleasure, moaning "I surrender!" and looking like, in Giulia's words, a beautiful melted ice cream.

    Cuddling in the after interview, it seems pretty clear that we might be seeing both girls again before long: Zina remarks that she's often nervous when flirting with other girls, so "it's really nice that now I can just hang out in my apartment and call Abby Winters and a beautiful girl shows up on my doorstep that I can have my way with!" "I second that!" Sienna replies with a smile. Zina and Sienna are truly living the AW dream. Thanks girls!

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    great review as always massfan3 but there's just one thing missing, nothing that major just NO FACESITTING in the video, after all the title of the scene is facesitting but there isn't any in the video but only in the pictures that accompany the video like the one above, half the reason I purchased the scene was the promise of some facesitting but after watching the video a few times (for research purposes ) there is none, there's plenty of tribbing so maybe the title should be changed to that.

    sorry if I seem like I'm shouting in the above statement but it does sort of come (sorry) under false advertising.

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