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Thread: New Double IM: Christiana & Margaret

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    New Double IM: Christiana & Margaret

    Christiana & Margaret IM
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    Wow, they both had orgasms, almost at the same time. Fantastic. I love it when an intimate moment is shared by both. Helping each other, touching each other, makes it so special. I know that Margaret did a tier3 on another site, maybe it's time to do one here at AW. And with Christiana, it would be awsome. These are two gorgeous girls. Hope we get more of those shared intimate moments.

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    Yes indeed. It would be nice to see them do A G/G tier 3

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    Wonderful Im, ladies! Very nice to see two beautiful girls enjoying themselves! A 10, for sure!
    Nice job, Abby and crew, and of course the girls! Perhaps a G/G T3 for the two of you? Yummy.........!

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    Hey guys

    Its Margaret. thank you very much for your messages. Christiana is a brilliant chick. She really did it for me!! That orgasm was amazing. I clearly remember it now even months after the event. I have now completed a T3 shoot and it was awesome should be on the site soon. You will not believe the stunner i had the chance to have fun with. What an awesome babe.

    Best Run

    Chat soon

    Love yas Margaret xx

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